1. thank you for writing this book. I hope to get to Lemuria to get it. I too have lived here since 1951. moved away a couple of times but something drew me back. I can’t figure her out
    either! very well put. I wish you great success, this is certainly a mysterious place.

  2. Hello Paula, I hope you come to the reading a Lemuria and be sure to introduce yourself. It would be nice to meet you.

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  4. Mr. Odell, I really enjoyed your book, The Healing. It’s a wonderful book. I loved all the characters. You really made them flesh and blood. Your characterization of Polly Shine is magnificent. You did us African Americans proud. Your afterword was very informative. I didn’t know midwives live birthrates were often higher than degreed doctors. Thanks for sharing that information. I will host my next reading discussion group with your book The Healing.I really hope to see this book on a college syllabus. The book has left me so enriched, so much wisdom came from Polly Shines lips. The way you weaved that story is simply magic. Kudos to you and please tell me you’re going to write about Polly, Silas, and the others who left to start their own community. Please you made Polly so real. I must know more. Thanks.

  5. Annette,

    I can’t tell you how welcome your comments were. You put into words exactly the impact I want the book to have long-term. And as you mentioned, Polly is still not done with me. I do think she wants me to continue her life story. I’m so happy she speaks to you as well.

    If I can do anything to make your discussion group more memorable, please let me know. I don’t know if you went to my webpage or not, but there you can find my taped conversation with Mrs. Willie Turner, from Midnight Mississippi in 2002. She was 92 at the time and became my model for Polly Shine. Her voice is Polly’s voice. Here’s that link http://jon-odell.com/blog/about-the-healing/mrs-willie-turner-midwife/

    Thanks again for your kindness, Annette and good luck with your group!


  6. Jon, when might you be visiting South Carolina? We midwives, doulas and healers are waiting for you :)

  7. Thanks for asking! I’d LOVE to visit South Carolina. Sometimes you can find an organization (hospital, community group, school or college) that will agree to bring me in for a reading. I’m leaving tomorrow to do a reading with Johns Hopkins to doctors, nurse, midwives and doulas. Should be a wonderful discussion. Where are you located?

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